Hello.  My name is Jason Peele and I’m the owner and person behind all projects here at Apeeling Studios.  To the surprise of my clients, my first love is actually music and often until the wee hours of morning I’m up like a mad scientist concocting the perfect beat.  But after a few restless hours of grammy awards dancing in my head, I return to another love, design.

I began my journey in design by building my first website in 2001.  As with many things, necessity breeds ingenuity.  Fresh out of college and ready to stake my claim on the world, I needed a website, but I couldn’t afford the one I really wanted.  So I decided to build one.  Then, when a friend asked me to build a website for him, my mind made another important connection. I discovered that I could help others simply by doing something I already love to do.  Like most web designers, I cut my teeth by building small websites for friends and family.  Years later and no money to show for it, I added another important piece to my world of imagination, the wonders of contracts and proper business practices.  Oh, how I love the beauty of a properly structured business arrangement!

I spent the next 10 years working with a variety of clients, developing my skills and growing my business.  Thankfully, Apeeling Studios has become more than just a one man band.  Now I have a team of dedicated professionals that work with me when needed.  In that sense, I like to think of myself more as a director or producer than anything else and it’s my job to convey a vision to every one involved.  Together we turn ideas into reality.

Apeeling Studios offers services that include video production, photography, web design and graphic design.  When engaging with our clients, we’re often asked which aspect is our specialty.  While it may sound better or more focused to some prospective clients to hear that a company specializes in one aspect of design, a creative team today must be highly skilled in more than one area.  Often times, the businesses we work with need direction in addition to photos, a website or logo.  So a lot of our time is spent helping to develop an overall image or identity for the brands we work with. Yes, we offer a number of services, but I like to think that we bring something unique to the table with each one of them.   It’s with this understanding that we passionately and tirelessly work to ensure the level of quality our customers have come to expect, regardless of the task.  With that in mind, our specialty is the quality we offer.  We simply love to take ideas and make them more appealing (Apeeling).

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Our specialty is the quality we offer.  We simply love to take ideas and make them more appealing (Apeeling).

Jason Peele

I’ve worked with Jason for years and he is always passionate and professional.  Whenever I need photography, video or web design I recommend him to everyone I know.

Devonne Sturdivant
Happy Customer




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